Mibo Thermoflo

Yes, this answer is supported by both clinical data and common sense.
No. Warm compresses can be too hot (in excess of 120ºF) and potentially damage the eyelid skin and underlying cornea, or too cold (below 100ºF) and fail to melt the inspissated glandular secretions. MiBo delivers emissive heat at 108℃F through a silver (.925) eye pad with ultrasound gel which allows the heat to penetrate to the glands. Warm compresses, because they hold limited heat, lose their therapeutic effect in less than a minute. Warm compresses, while not as effective as MiBo, have been used successfully for decades in the chronic management of evaporative dry eye. They remain an important adjunct.
Meibomian glands are closer to the inner lid by a few millimeters. MiBo’s Peltier technology generates sufficient heat to drive energy into the relevant tissue. Using a silver (.925 eye pad with ultrasound get applied to the tarsal conjunctiva prove that therapeutic temperatures are achieved in realtie during MiBo therapy to drive heat directly to the meibomian glands.
Yes. Sterilizable and interchangeable hand pieces coupled with a powerful thermal engine allows treatment of one lid, two lids, or in a prototype version, all four lids simultaneously. Clinicians typical treat both upper and lower lids of a single eye during a six to eight minute session. Therapy for both eyes is accomplished in under 20 minutes.
It is not sufficient to simply empty the clogged Meibomian glands. Rejuvenation of the body’s natural lipid secretions through multiple applications of MiBo appears to be the most effective strategy. Evaporative dry eye is a chronic condition requiring periodic but regular maintenance.